January 2012
A Whole New Year

Once again the New South Wales Christmas Bush puts on a wonderful display of
deep pink bracts which remain for many weeks

And the persoonia pinifolia, which began flowering at the bottom of the garden
in early December, looks as if will also be with us for a long time
if all those opening florets have to work their way down the stems

The wet weather doesn't please the eremophilas one little bit, with the grey leaf forms
often succumbing to mildew problems. However this one has done particularly well
in spite of other plants in the same bed turning up their toes!

The munching from the Christmas Day fallen tree is making the beginnings
of a promising compost for the garden in a few months time.

The various trunks of the casuarinas and alocasuarinas are all so beautiful
but I'm still to find anyone who can actually name them for me


The fluffy acacia boormanii which I planted on the corner of the house
to protect the tree ferns from the summer morning sun are
slowly being pushed out of the way by the fast growing ferns

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