July 2011
It's All a Bit Soggy

The rain has mellowed the colour of the sawdust paths a little
and they are no longer overwhelmingly bright.

The pond has been constantly full for months now,
much to the delight of the froggy population.

The casuarinas pop up all over the garden - not just around the pond
and it's always a difficult decision to make as to which ones can remain
and which have to be removed. If I left them all, it wouldn't take long for them to
completely take over the garden. Although I love them dearly, this wouldn't be good.

With so much rain flowing down through the garden,
some plants (mainly eremophilas) have succumbed
even though they are growing in raised beds.

The new growth on the callistemon is such a beautiful splash of pink on an otherwise dismal day.

Standing at the window washing dishes is almost a pleasure, with such a sight
to look out upon. I did say 'almost'.

My beautiful little phebalium squamulosum has been popping out its
star shaped flowers for a couple of weeks now.
I can never get them to photograph in their true yellow colour - perhaps next season.

And......... when will I EVER learn to look a little closer at the subject of my photos
and remember to remove hoses, buckets, wheelbarrows etc. etc. and more etcs.

next - Phew! It's Spring

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