July 2012
A Very Wet Winter

The garden on the south side of the house I reserve for plants from my late mother's garden,
and plants she was specially fond of. Together we had quite a collection of cyclamen - both larger
and miniature ones. Hellebores were favourites too, and cranesbills.


This garden gets no sun in winter, but gets too much in summer, so I've been planting
several of my acacia boormanii, which I grew from seed, in an effort to give them
some protection from the harshness of a hot summer.


The hellebores are multiplying prolifically from seed, but by summer I know they have
no hope of looking this happy!


Every year I plant up the old Army boots of my late friend David. By now they are becoming
beautifully 'distressed', with algae and tiny weeds growing from around the stitching.
I just know he'd be pleased to see them filled with such joyous little flowers as these violas.


With so much rain, the lawns are more moss than grass!


The clay based pond has been full to overflowing for many weeks, which is keeping the frogs happy
but making the lawn which falls away from one end of the pond more boggy by the day.


I use old fallen branches as garden edging wherever I can.
I know they won't last for ever, but who cares, when they decorate themselves
so exquisitely with these colourful fungi.

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