March 2010

Enter Casey Clements

Casey Clements (from just up the road), picked out some beautiful rocks
which will become part of the new garden beds.

Casey's brother Ryan brought his bob cat (oh how I'd love one of these),
and went to work preparing the ground before constructing the raised bed.

I prefer not to bring in new soil if at all possible, but if I wanted to
construct raised beds, they couldn't be magicked out of thin air!

Casey spent ages making sure the rocks were laid to their best advantage
and he was brave enough to ask me to offer an opinion (mad fool!)

Sometimes it was less nerve racking to watch from inside the house

As the grassed areas were in such a pathetic condition, it didn't worry me one
little bit to see all the tracks of the machines zooming back and forth
around the garden. I knew Casey and Ryan wouldn't leave it like this.

With the new bed raised in careful fashion to avoid the eucalypt trunk
I'm itching to get some mulch on before the weeds emerge.

Rocks always look a little startling before the plantings soften the effects,
but the colour in these local Castella rocks is just stunning, specially after rain with the sun on them.

Casey and Ryan will hopefully be pleased with what I do to enhance their caring
and diligent work. Always such a bonus to work with craftsmen who take pride in their work.
Many thanks both of you.

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