March 2010
Family Planting Days - Two

......................... Adam, having finally packed up the house in Tasmania, arrives
at The Duckpond to spend a couple of days before establishing the New Zealand home

Adam planted several small correas in the same garden bed
that Justine, Joni Bea and Erin began yesterday.

Eldest son Tim's wife Georgie and daughter Ella planted an
acacia fimbriata - one of my favourite plants, and already
growing very successfully in other parts of the garden.

Is there such a thing as 'limited edition' plantings?
Although Jonni has dug plenty of holes in difficult parts of the garden
I think this is the first thing he's actually PLANTED!
I do hope it does well for him

Morning tea under the casuarinas while waiting for sibling number three to arrive.

Another rare event!
Daughter Heidi is not exactly a passionate gardener, but when this ceretapetalum
begins to strut its stuff, perhaps she'll be inspired?

My three children , left to right Adam, Heidi and Tim (with Ella)
each planted a ceretapetalum (NSW Christmas Bush)
The boys planted two which have variegated leaves
while Heidi's has dark green leaves.

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