One More Picnic
26 May 2003

tim and heidi
Heidi returns from a work trip overseas, bringing her dear mother a brand new little
digital camera! She is making sure that she will continue to be kept up to date with news
on the home front while she's away. Wanting to catch up with little (?) brother Tim,
and see what's been happening at The Duckpond, a picnic seemed to be a good idea.

jonni and heidi
Jonni gives Heidi the secret of negotiating the various levels of the slab

jonni explaing slab
While Heidi tests her boots to see if they are waterproof!

beatrice tucks in
Meanwhile, as everyone else is safely occupied, Beatrice sets out
to do justice to another batch of Cecilia's home baked bread rolls.

heidi and jonni
Jonni and Heidi search in the depths of the picnic hamper to see if they can find a crumb or two.
That'll teach them to leave Grandma in charge of the food!

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