September 2011 - Two
Another Wet One

It's very clear that the drought is over for the time being.
The pond is full and the water tank has been constantly overflowing with
each fresh shower of rain

The indigofera australis has done a good job of protecting
the jacaranda behind it from the frosts all through the winter

The tree fern outside the kitchen window is in a position to avoid frosts
and it won't be long before that's all I'll be able to see from the kitchen sink.
But I hope it will be only temporary, as eventually the head of the fern
should rise above the window. Well that was my plan when I planted it!


Jonni's little dry creek bed looks very pretty as the shrubs begin to dangle over the edge.

This grevillea synophae is many years old, and a couple of years ago I thought
it was about to die. I cut out all the dead wood and gave it a bit of a drastic hair cut
and it has rewarded me for my time tenfold.


I have so many photos where I have attempted to photograph
the bees with their little 'socks' full of pollen,
but I haven't managed it yet.

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