January 2010 - One

The First Tomato

He had been hoping for tomatoes for Christmas, but that was not to be.
However, the first Tommy Toe was shared in January, which I thought was pretty good.
(Jonni doesn't look terribly impressed, I have to say)

It has surprised Jonni that the stuff he planted has actually grown.
I think he expected total failure of his first effort.

We've enjoyed heaps of lettuces for weeks and voted our friend's seedlings
heaps tastier than the ones bought from the nursery, so Jonni has saved seeds for next year.

The basil has done well, and the parsley is lurking in there somewhere.
Snow peas haven't produced a huge crop, but we did have enough for a pre Christmas dinner for fourteen,
and for ourselves quite a while afterwards

The sweet corn is growing amazingly and the tomatoes look as
if they will do well as long as the caterpillars leave us some.

Jonni planted new lettuce seedlings and built them
a wee shade house while they get established, as we're getting some very hot days.

His four potato plants have grown and died down and I'm dying to fossick in the soil to find one or two for dinner.
Jonni tells me this practice is called bandicootting, which makes it sound all the more attractive.

And as for the two pumpkin plants - well, they have been running amuck!
We've been told that you should chop off the long stems and then they'll put all their strength into growing the fruit,
but I'm dying to see just how far they can travel.
Here you can see how they've escaped the garden bed and grown down the wall
and across the path, heading for the lower level.
There's a little pumpkin you can see growing half way down the timber wall.
I keep asking Jonni to build it a little platform so it has something to sit on and stop the weight of it
crushing the stem that's in danger of being squashed against the top slat.

Now it's crossing the lower path behind the garage and is heading for the front gate!

Compost Bays

All the messy bit in this photograph is where other raised beds are going to be built.
And at the top of the photo you can see the back wall of the compost bays that Jonni's now working on.

These are designed to be hot composting areas (yes, he's done a heap of reading on this too -
and is not going to follow my system of having heaps of sundry choppings and weedings all over the garden)

In his usual systematic way he has completed the first bay and once he's filled that
with layers of organic matter etc. he'll finish building the other two bays.

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