January 2010 - Three+


Jonni told me about the practice of 'bandicooting', where you scratch around the potato plant
just under the surface, trying to find a few spuds without disturbing the plant and the rest of the crop.

When Jonni came in the other day and asked if I wanted to go bandicooting
I just could wait to get out to the potato patch!

Of course, as it's his vegie garden, I had to let him have first go -
and what a fine looking spud he found.
Then it was my turn..................

I didn't do quite so well!

I left it to the expert and in no time we had a lovely couple of handfuls
of Dutch Cream potatoes.

Jonni thought we'd save them for dinner in a couple of days time,
but with a bit of persuasion I was able to convince him to have them
for afternoon tea. And they were sooooooooo delicious.

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