November 2010

Time for the Spuds

Apparently 'too many spuds is never enough' - or whatever the saying is.
Here are a few purple congo and other varieties lined up on the window sill
to encourage them to sprout 'eyes' before they're planted.

The closest beds are the original two, which were planted last season.
The right hand one is going to be 'the' asparagus bed
as Jonni loves his asparagus as much as his spuds.
Sugar snap peas and beans are growing in the other bed.

And here are the four new beds.
The nearest has tomatoes, capsicum and basil.
The furthest has lettuce, and I'm not sure what's in the other two
except that they probably have parsley and nasturtiums in there somewhere.
Oh - of course - the second from the back is the spud bed!

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