January 2012

A Bit of Competition

Jonni does a great job of keeping us supplied with lettuces for our salad lunches
and has even grown me some cucumbers this year - although he hates them!

This year Jonni decided to grow Purple King beans, which will be much easier
to find than last year's green ones. I love the way the purple beans
change colour when cooked, and finish up green anyway.

Everything is supposed to fit into its allotted space in Jonni's garden beds
but I think there will come a time when he realises that pumpkins will always have their
way in the end, no matter how hard he tries to whip them into shape.

At the Healesville Autumn Festival I bought some heritage pumpkin seeds
and as Jonni had no plans for this little patch of garden, I thought it would be
a good spot to show him what a decent pumpkin should look like.
And my pumpkins are 'free range' spirits, so goodness knows where they'll finish up.

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