A Younger Generation

It has become part of my life to keep an eye out for
the swamp rat movements
On cooler overcast days they may visit several times a day
and there have been odd periods when we haven't slghted one for over a week.
but eventually they return
One day I noticed what looked like a very pregnant swamp rat
In fact quite rotund............
...........whichever way you looked at her
Then one morning a very small rat appeared to have followed its mother
but as soon as it emerged from the flowerpot
she chased it back the way it had come
He obviously was smart enough to give his/her mother the slip
and returned alone to see what she had been so jealously guarding
Still only lone rats...........
Until one morning this little pair of very juvenile wanderers
emerged from the tunnel tracks
I'm sure they must have been siblings, as they kept very close to each other
It's a wonder I ever get anything done with
such images to try to capture
I have noticed that the juveniles appear to have pointed ends to their tails
while the older swamp rats have distinctly stubby ends.
Is it possible that the shape of their tails change as they get older?
So many questions - so many points to ponder
If anyone can add to my knowledge base I would be most appreciative.