April 2010
Autumn Marches On

I wanted to get some mulch onto the new garden beds, but the only 'stuff' I could find
was this euci mulch. I was assured that the colour would darken very quickly
but I don't think I can live that long with it!

This time last year I said I wouldn't overdo the vine photos,
but I must acknowledge the great job it's done shading the paths
outside the north windows. No sun reaches into the house in summer
but I think this extra shaded has kept the house even cooler this year.

The two vines are planted behind the two left hand pergola posts
but are travelling well to reach right along the full length.

This is the first year this banksia has flowered
and it's looking very healthy (not always a good sign, in my garden!)

Finally managed to get hold of some better mulch. Phew.

Jonni has his pumpkins growing meekly up in the vegie garden.
Mine is of the feral variety - heading for the pond in one direction
and Tasmania in the other.

Alright. I think I can pretty well promise that this is perhaps the last
vine photo for this season.

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