May 2010
Autumn Draws to a Close

After Casey Clements levelled out the eroded, weed infested surrounds,
I killed off all the weedy grasses and went in search of some grass seed
which contained NO RUNNING GRASSES.
With all the rain we've had recently (but not torrential enough to repeat the erosion)
the grasses have grown well.

It's lovely to have some 'non-scruffy' grass to show off the new garden beds.
Of course I fully expect it to dry off if we get a dry summer, but without the
previous 'orrible weeds, it should bounce back again.

What a sight for sore eyes!
I generate as much of my own mulch as I can with my trusty Hansa muncher,
but I can never make enough to fully cover the areas I need to.

At this stage we were still able to drive around the circular drive,
but a couple of days later a second truck load was dropped off
so we had a fair bit of shovelling to do (well Jonni did most of it)
to prevent the drive from being totally plugged up.

The heap smells wonderful as it's mostly eucalypt, and steams away
gently in the cold morning air. It will take a few weeks for it to compost down enough so
I can begin spreading it around the garden - I can hardly wait.

next - Spring Once Again

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