April 2011 - One

One day I will hopefully learn to look before I take a photo
so it isn't ruined by untidy hoses.
This prostrate acacia baileyana had totally obliterated the rocks behind
so I revealed the rocks again with a bit of hearty pruning


The pink flowers are all from the one plant of a hakea 'Burrendong Beauty'
which the label told me may grow to 2m x 2m.
This specimen has sprawled well over 3m and shows no sign of stopping at that!


The flowers grow clustered around long stems
displaying a mixture of fully opened flowers,
partially open ones, and some still just buds.


Just thought you may like an even closer look?


The ornamental vine growing over the pergola has now reached along the total length.
Because of Jonni's careful calculations when designing the house,
we get no sun inside during the summer months,
and the vine covered pergola helps still further to keep the house cool
by preventing it from heating up the path outside the windows.


Another 'volunteer plant' which popped up on the edge of a path,
in a spot where it was in danger of being trodden on,
so I popped this old bird cage over the top and it seems quite happy with the arrangement.


More rocks uncovered by a bit of acacia pruning.


Gradually the growing trees are beginning to close up various areas of the garden
to make it far more inviting to explore.


The planting done by family members in March 2010 has come on quite well,
especially the acacias along the fence. Others have struggled a little with such wet conditions.

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