April 2012
Autumn Once More

An artist friend of my sister requested that I update the garden photos,
and I was shocked to find how much time had slipped past since I'd done this.

I'm so happy to find people actually come and visit my garden
through the wonders of cyberspace! So if you should notice it's been
'a long time between drinks', please don't hesitate to send an email to prod me into action.

When I look back through this garden diary, it appears I am unable to resist
including at least a couple of photos of our decorative vine each year.
It has served us so well for several years now, - adding to the coolness of the house throughout summer.

The garden brings many unexpected surprises, and I'm sorry that my skills as a photographer
fail to do justice to the magical image of the casuarina leaves festonned
with iridescent rain drops in the early morning.


The vine continues to wend its way through the branches of the westringia.
I try to leave them as long as I can without being in danger of tripping over them
as I hope to make use of them for more roughly woven low fences.


So here is the final vine photo for this autumn!

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