December 2006

All the photos on this page were taken in the late afternoon
so that I didn't have the sun shining into my camera.

The gaps are beginning to close up - in spite of absolutely no rain.

I was planning to do more planting in the spring, but with no sign of
rain coming I shan't plant anything else until autumn now.

It's quite amazing how well the plants are growing. I see now that it's
certainly an advantage to have many indigenous plants in the garden.
The eremophilas are flowering and growing at a great rate.

Such a satisfying sight - to see the stark newness of these garden beds
gradually being softened as the plants spread themselves
and begin to spil into the pathways. I do still have to keep an eye
out for couch grass which persistently raised its ugly spikes.

One day I may learn to rake up my weeds before I pick up my camera!

Yes - I know there are weeds in the path - but ARE they all weeds?
Some of these little green patches just COULD be a precious plant of some sort.
I do like to make sure what they are before I pull them out.

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