February 2013
Now it's Hail!

In the short time since the previous photos, the level of the pond has dropped dramatically,
which allows me to weed around the outer edge on the shallow end, but there's always
quite a deep spot in the other end, so the frogs are not without their favourite breeding spot.

I was in fact hoping for rain, but first we had the most incredible hail storm,
which almost covered the ground as if we'd had snow.

And there was no shortage of rain either!
The trouble is that when it's a torrential fall, as this was, so much of it just pours over the surface
and probably ends up on the lower nature strip where the swamp rats are now residing.
I hope this makes them happy.

No lunch in the garden for us today.

But - as my mother always said - "everything passes",
and the following day you'd never known there had been either hail or rain.

So once again it's lunch at the 'Mum and Dad Table'.
Here's Mum, floating around with her secateurs in her pocket,
and helping to keep the plants watered.
The overhanging casuarinas leave their needles all over the table, but somehow they look just right.

This is Dad's image on the table. Sadly Dad died quite a few years before we began The Duckpond,
but at least Mum was able to enjoy the garden, the pond and the start of the building process,
but I still feel so very sad that she didn't live to actually move into her new home.

It seems that every time we have a severe storm, one of the now rather ancient grevilleas
splits in half and I think it's totally the end of the road for it.
However, after removing the detached part of the enormous shrub, the other half seems to
want to continue the fight for life, so I'll just see how it manages for the time being.
A bit like a treasured dog - as long as it's enjoying life, we'll take care of it.

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