The Pond in 2007
A Slow Recovery

March 2007

After realising how devastating the water poppy could be as the overflow from the pond runs into the stormwater drains,
we felt compelled to completely eradicate it.
We dried out the pond, sprayed the water poppy with Roundup plus a surfactant,
then brought in a backhoe to scrape the sides and base of the pond,
using the earth removed to establish a new raisede bed, well away from any risk of regrowth.
The pond looked barren and bleak.

April 2007

With a couple of heavy showers, the polypipe directing the runoff from our steep roof
on the north side of the house soon began to restore the water level.
I threw in a few handfulls of nardoo and crassulla to make me feel that something was happening.
Jonni's comment was that it looked as if someone had chucked
a couple of bags full of rubbish into the pond!

June 2007

By June the pond was full to overflowing (through the sheoakes) although very muddy looking.
The pond has a clay base and is not lined.

July 2007

In spite of the murky water, a pair of wood ducks decided to try out their old swimming hole.

August 2007

One August morning I was looking into the water for signs of water insects
and to my amazement, astonishment and high excitement,
there were thousands and thousands of tadpoles!

October 2007

By October, the edges of the pond were well established with some tufting grasses,
and the crassula had multiplied well.
The birds had once again begun to call in for a drink and a swim.

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