January 2013
Still Fascinated by Raindrops

And still it rains!
But surely it's not all bad, when the water tank is overflowing,
and the leaves are harbouring such a beautiful display of raindrops?

Although there are always 'perfect' leaves to be found, I am often attracted to
those which have been nibbled or munched by 'something'.

Questions, questions, questions.
Why are some leaves smothered with raindrops, while others have just a few?

And is this little leave covered with raindrops because it's fresh
and thus more 'oily' than the dry leaves nearby?

I suppose lemon leaves are oily too, so they also enjoy the morning raindrop mantle.

How beautifully they show up on the yellower green of the ginko leaves.

And for a 'grande finale' - how delightful is the image of raindrops decorating this feather?

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