January 2010

A Brand New Year

This is the persoonia nutans that I photographed from a distance
in the first of the November 2009 photos

And here is a close up of the flowers which cover it for such a long time during summer

The bunch of grey leaves is the result of coppicing one of the three eucalyptus pulverulenta
which are spread down this side of the garden.
The coppicing was brought about by the way the trees grew so tall and spindly
and finally bowed over completely after heavy rain. But in the end it's
been a successful outcome and I cut them down to ground level every year or two.
To the left of the eucalypt is a ceratapetalum (NSW Christmas Bush)

The eucalypt really seems very happy with the regular haircut arrangement!

A closer look at the NSW Christmas Bush
It's wonderful to have such flowers and new growth in the summer season

And when the flowers die off they develop a beautiful coral pink calyx which
stays on the bush for an extraordinarily long time.

This is another NSW Christmas Bush, and I think it is probably 'Christmas Snow"
as it has variegated foliage. This poor tree was overshadowed by a huge silky oak
which was removed to let more sun onto Jonni's vegie garden

This one was flowering before the other one, and the calyx seems to be larger
I've been cutting bunches of them for a while now to try to strengthen up
the rather spindly tree. They last for a long time as cut 'flowers'

I'm hoping to strike some cuttings and perhaps plant a group of them
in one of my soon to be new garden beds

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