March 2010

Drastic Action Required

Not a page of pretty pictures at the moment.
The gaps in the hedge on the road side were left after a huge grevillea split in a storn
and later died. Any replacement planting just sat there and did nothing at all.
Very demoralising!

No this isn't a lawn - it's an area where it was top dressed and sown with grass seeds
just before torrential rain a couple of years ago.
Consequently the only things that grew were couch, paspallum, dandelions and cape weed
with the ground eroding around these tenacious weeds.

I would never consider watering grass, but I found it hard to live with
such a dismal part of the garden. I decided to take drastic action.

Can't leave this page looking so bleak, so here's a bloom on
the callistemon brachyandrus - one of my favourites.

When you see this flower, you probably imagine a whole bush full of splendid colour -
in fact the bush itself is rather straggly, so I've stuck to the good part.
I bought this grevillea mostly because it was named 'Marmalade'
of which I'm rather fond!

No matter how discouraged I feel about the state of the garden, I always feel better
if I spend a few moments among the beautiful casuarinas/allocasuarinas.
The variation in bark always amazes me - I wish someone could
put names to them for me.

I have a special love for these corky trunks and find them wonderful
to cast handmade paper.

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