May 2005

I planted this Lechenaultia Formosa Red in a large blue bowl back in the spring.
It began flowering about two months ago and looks as if it will go on for quite some time.

The copse of casuarina/allocasuarinas (?) is a constant source of joy.
I can understand the song which refers to them as 'Wind Harps of the Wimmera'
as they emit such musical tones through their leaves, with the slightest breeze.

Each of the trees in the group have dramatically different trunks.
This one has bark like deep cork.

This one looks rather as if someone has been busy with a paint brush!

Although still deeply furrowed, the depth is not quite so dramatic as the previous one

Hakea Burrendong Beauty stunned me with this beautiful spray of flowers

A closer view. I tossed up whether to tell you that this was the ONLY spray
I managed to produce from four plants in different areas of the garden.
Perhaps next year?

This is Persoonia nutans, and it is one of my favourite shrubs in the garden.
It has been flowering for months, but you could easily walk right by it without a second glance
as the flowers are so small

The little 'torpedo' shape flowers are only about 7mm long and stay like this
for absolutely ages..........................

................. and then they open up and curl their petals back into this delightful form.
Australian flowers often warrant a very close scrutiny to appreciate their incredible design
and because of this I never get tired of looking at them.

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