September 2010 - One
Spring Once Again

This hardenbergia which was supposed to crawl around the rocks below, but
had ideas of its own and decided to climb up into the acacia cognata.
I'll let it have it's own way for the moment................


I think it's probably a combination of the wet conditions and some hefty burrowing under the roots
by our resident swamp rats, followed by a couple of days of high wind, that caused this
large grevillea to take a bit of a dive. In an attempt to save it (it's one of my favourites and much beloved
by the New Holland Honeyeaters) we lifted it slightly and tied it back to a fence post.
Even though I gave it a drastic prune to reduce the weight on top, I rather doubt it will survive.


I've lost a few eremophilas with the wet conditions, but this one couldn't be happier!


All through the winter, I watch the little fluffy coronets gradually produce these
superb coppery cones. Every stage of these banksia blechnifolia flowers is as stunning as the next,
until they finally expand into the furrier cylinders which I've shown here in previous photos.
(October 2007)


Each year I think this struggling guicheinotia is on its last legs, but
when spring comes it somehow manages to produce a wonderful display
of these pretty pink/mauve bell shape flowers.


This prostrate acacia cultriformis looks lovely cascading over the rocks
but when it's finished flowering I shall give it a fairly drastic chop back
to see if the rocks are still underneath there somewhere.


I have a special affection for plants which display white flowers
emerging from pink buds, such as this Hypocalymma angustifolium


And often there are pink and white flowers simultaneously.

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