November 2012
Enough of the Rain

It feels as if the rain is never going to stop.
The pond is full up to the gurgle, and being a clay based pond
when it's so full, the water begins to seep through to the lawn
which curves away from it.

But there are compensations.
With a still morning after yet more rain, the casuarina trees
are festooned with millions of raindrops -
so difficult to capture without a tripod, but I hope this will do for now.

The flowers are covering the White Cedar tree (Melia azedarach var.australasica)
The bees truly love these flowers, and as I sit on the rock beside it, I can hear their busy hum.

The tree was quite small when we built our house here at The Duckpond,
but it has grown quickly in just a few years, and contributes
its welcome shade over our favourite lunchtime spot.
The table only wears the unglamorous cover until the warm days arrive to stay.

The new growth beautifully complements the white bark of the stately eucalypt viminalis
standing guard on the roadside fenceline.

The leptospermum 'Rudolph', which I planted back in the Autumn
has flowered for the first time, but strangely - perhaps to make sure we take notice -
all the flowers are clustered onto just the one central branch.

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