November 2006

The acacia blechnifolia outside the living room window has produced
several stunningly beautiful flower spikes.

Guichenotia macrantha, so the label says. I don't really mind what it's called
as it's such a generously blooming shrub, with bell shaped flowers and soft greyish leaves.

The new area are surviving - if not exactly running riot.
We've had no rain for months, and as I'm only watering plants in pots
I'm anxious to see how the rest of the garden copes with this awful drought.

The native bluebells (wahlenbergia) are now in full flight, and loving the dry
conditions. The single form (w. stricta) doesn't open its flowers until lunch time,
even when the sun shines from early morning. The double ones keep their flowers
open twentyfour hours a day.

These kangaroo paws were planted in front of a couple of quite large rocks
to set off the forms of the rocks! Now you have to hunt quite hard to
catch sight of any part of the rocks at all.

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