October 2009 - The Very First Vegie Planting

Many hours of reading and copious notes written, and Jonni was ready to begin planting.
A friend who lived nearby supplied some lettuce seedlings from his own garden while he was thinning out.

This may not look like a momentous sort of a little lettuce,
but it's the first vegie Jonni has planted in his whole life

That won't worry him of course - after all, he'd never built a house before either!

The first few seedlings looked a little lonely and Jonni was rather worried
that the snails might demolish them overnight.

An impenetrable barrier of snailbait gave Jonni some level of assurance
that he needn't stand guard overnight.

With the lettuces growing happily, radishes and carrot seeds shot up with amazing speed
and the second bed was also stocked.

November 2009 - The First Harvest!

Onlly a month after sowing the seed and we shared out first harvest lunch!

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